3DN Launches Software Repository

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Chapter 1. 3DN Launches Software Repository

The Growing Green Cities Network initiative recently announced by 3DN now has a brand new ticketing system and software repository available. We are very happy to inform you that you can now participate in the software development!

Chapter 2. Software

For the Growing Green Cities Network, several software components will need to be developed. The site for runs on WordPress and not all the functionality we require is built into WordPress. So we’ve decided to start developing a plugin for this. Additionally, the site also has a Facebook App to it. We would also like to develop this and not do this in a vacuum.

However, the biggest chunk of software development will of course be done for the Growing Green Cities Greenhouse, the project that started off the whole network. In this repository we will be hosting many programs, probably mostly written in C, that can be uploaded to the Raspberry Pi’s that will be controlling the several modules that are part of a Growing Green Cities Greenhouse.

We’re looking forward to try and appeal programmers to participate in this effort. Please feel free to sign up with the Growing Green Cities Network as soon as you like if you wish to be an early bird on this project!

Chapter 3. Advantages

Version control and ticketing provides a method of doing controlled software development. It also allows for multiple programmers to work together in a way that doesn’t often collide. Through assigning tickets consisting of both feature requests and bug fixes very specifically we can prevent work being done doubly. Through signing up you also gain the advantage of simply looking at the code without the requirement to actually work on it yourself.

Chapter 4. Security

Currently the Growing Green Cities Network uses SSL on growinggreencities.net and on www.growinggreencities.net. Sadly this means that your browser will give you a warning when you go to https://trac.growinggreencities.net. You can safely ignore this warning. In time when we purchase a new certificate this warning will go away.