New 3DN Site Design

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Introduction The 3DN site has been up and running on WordPress for a long time and the design has remained quite static. Recently we have done more research into ecommerce and running our own shop. As with many things that … Read More

3DN Design

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The name 3DN is a wordplay on our company logo ‘Design, Implement, Maintain’. When 3DN is pronounced in a certain (Dutch) way it sounds like driedeëen, which sounds like drie ideëen, Dutch for ‘three ideas’.

IT Farmer

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The Dutch climate isn’t exactly appealing during fall and winter. When looking over my urban backyard, dark, green-ish, wet and uninviting, I decided that perhaps it would be a good idea to cover my backyard. This would make an area … Read More

3DN Hosting

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For a change I will write an article here in English as I would like to offer my Facebook friends some services and most of them are not Dutch. 3DN is working extremely hard to try and set up fault … Read More

3DN Goes Fiber!

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Now that the football club site that 3DN hosts is getting some serious visitor numbers, 3DN decided to increase its internet capacity. This is realized through a glass fiber connection from XS4ALL. The network speed will then be 100Mbps. Through … Read More