Growing Green Cities

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Chapter 1. Growing Green Cities

For a while now, the sustainability section on this site has been relatively quiet. This does not mean that nothing happened. The focus was simply not on designing websites. The ‘Stedelijke Kas’ as the project that led to creating the sustainability section on this site has been renamed to the ‘Growing Green Cities Greenhouse’. This name change was necessary to make the name more accessible to an international audience. The new name also reflects the intentions of the project much better.

Chapter 2. Website

Along with the name change to Growing Green Cities Greenhouse came a focus change. Experiences with the legislative body of the city of Almere led us to believe that no good deed goes unpunished. Instead of being a small company that can easily be bullied by conservative authorities, 3DN has decided it is time to try and consolidate its efforts with that of others fighting the same uphill battle.

As the name Growing Green Cities states, these green cities of the future need to be grown. Growing is a process that’s slow, caring and nurturing. This is not a process of some quick skirmishes with authorities, it’s a long battle against governments with incredible inertia and a history of talk — but no acts.

Chapter 3. Growing Green Cities Greenhouse

The Growing Green Cities Greenhouse as some loyal visitors of this site know, is an urban greenhouse built in our backyard in the Dutch city of Almere. Its goals are:

  • Reducing trash production with 80%
  • Reduce food expenses with 50%
  • Reduce drinking water usage by 50%
  • Reduce energy usage with 30%

These goals are pretty clear and should make any politician turns their heads. Not so in Almere, alas. The Growing Green Cities website will be host to much more information on this subject and will consolidate our story with many others. We hope you will visit the new website Growing Green Cities and support our efforts.

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