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Bluemix Intro


Recently I started working as a freelancer for a new client, IBM Bluemix. IBM Bluemix was  known as ‘Softlayer, an IBM Company’ when I joined them as an Advanced Customer Support Engineer. Softlayer is a company that provides cloud infrastructure as a service to customers worldwide. The IBM Bluemix cloud platform helps people solve real problems with applications, infrastructure and services.

I’m not used to writing articles about clients on my website. I am however so fascinated by this project that I decided to try and do some small build projects using the IBM Bluemix infrastructure and services and to document these, hopefully to the benefit of others. Please keep in mind, these articles (I intend to write a few) are in no way sanctioned by my client and do not represent the opinions or policies of my client in any way. I write these articles from the viewpoint of an independent entrepreneur experimenting with cloud infrastructure services while working for a client that provides these services to the public.



When I started this project I was aware of the IBM acquisition of Softlayer. This happened in 2013. At the time, Softlayer was a privately held company that had gone through a few acquisitions before. Since 2013 IBM has been working diligently on integrating numerous of its services into the Softlayer infrastructure and increasing its footprint. One year after the acquisition, then COO George Karidis said:

Thousands of companies have migrated to SoftLayer in the past year. “Cloud is mainstream, large organizations are using it,” said George Karidis, COO at SoftLayer. “A few years ago it was the three guys with the dream; now it’s the largest banks in the world. They want the credibility of an IBM with the very reliable combination of the SoftLayer platform.”

Merging an infrastructure provider and an application and services provider is a sound and logical move for a company like IBM. In this article series I intend to write I will refrain from any further subjective opinions as those opinions would too often arise from internal confidential information but in this first article of this series I will only say ‘WOW!’ as an opinion. It’s fun, inspiring and challenging thus far to work for IBM Bluemix.

  • Playing in the sand with blocks
    Little People
  • Big People


Bluemix Build Projects


I consider myself a to be a professional but I am a nerd. Playing with computers, infrastructure components, software, link all of them together in a structure and build with these blocks has always been a passion of mine. In the Bluemix environment I have to admit I feel like a little boy playing with colored blocks, constantly finding blocks with different shapes and different colors. Each of these blocks can be quite complex and some of them are an entire career for peers in the industry.


In the following series of articles I will highlight some of these colorful building blocks such as:

  • Softlayer’s VSI’s
  • Softlayer’s Baremetal servers
  • Vyatta Gateways
  • Fortigate firewalls
  • Bluemix storage services

Every week I will try to write a new part. Perhaps I will even ask colleagues to write a weekly part. Please make sure to bookmark this page as I will maintain an index to these articles on this page.