Throughout the years, 3DN has built up a lot of experience with tailored administration and development of applications for your organisation. We have in-house experience in programming in C, Java, Perl and PHP.

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3DN developed applications are tailored for customer demands. Often, software has reusable parts that can be used again and again. An example of this is logging in users on your website. 3DN continuously works on maintaining a standard library of software for which you pay a generic price. After you have ordered components from this library you can either change them yourself for your own purposes or have 3DN do this for you.

3DN also develops plugins for the WordPress CMS. WordPress is a content management system where a great deal of user management, design, media management etc. are already at your disposal. Through installing so called plugins it is easy to add new functionality like Google Ads, Social Sharing, Google Analytics, spam filtering etc.  Sometimes you want just slightly different functionality from what’s already available. 3DN can change existing plugin functionality to serve your purposes.