3DN Can help you with your computer security. Are you operating a website and are you not so sure that it’s also secure? Let 3DN do a security scan!

A securityscan costs $200 per server, $40 per website or $20 for your PC. If you want to scan multiple servers you can get a discount. After you have indicated to 3DN which host/website you want scanned, after 3DN has verified the host is indeed  yours and you have paid your bill, you will get a security report of your host. You can take the security report to a security expert of your choice to fix any problems.

After problems have been fixed you can request a second security check, this is free of charge. If you are interested, please fill in the Request form by clicking the ‘Request’ tab on this page.

You can also choose for a weekly/monthly check. This is relatively much cheaper and guarantees that your system remains safe.

You can also indicate in the form if you would like 3DN to resolve any security problems we find.

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Every field with a '*' is mandatory information. The Billing information is optional; After you fill in this form you will receive an email which includes a bill. Should you choose the 'My PC' scan option, you are expected to pay the bill as soon as possible and remain online until you have paid the bill.

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