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3DN Opens Vietnamese Daughter Company

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Vietnam: The Land of the Dragon

3DN is not only opening an entirely new site today but also a new cooperation. We are very excited to announce today that we have started a daughter company, 3DN Vietnam Inc.

Not unlike the Dutch government our CEO has also seen an incredible potential in cooperating with the People of Vietnam. Vietnam’s economy is growing at a great pace without any sign of slowing down very soon.

Our Vietnamese daughter company is structured as a Dutch/Vietnamese partnership. We look forward to helping Vietnam with education in IT as well as several other planned projects.

ICT Power

Vietnam Dragon Bridge
Vietnam Dragon Bridge

In 2015 and 2016, the Vietnamese government issued fourteen important documents including six governmental degrees and eight Prime Minister decisions instructing Ministries and provincial governments to promote the aplication of development of IT to meet the objectives of sustainable economic growth and successful international integration. The spending on IT is forecasted to grow to US$ 6.5 billion in 2018. At this moment the biggest percentage of the spending is still on hardware (88%). The software and services spendings currently only represent 4.6 and 6.6 percent of the spending.

As of 2017, the number of fixed broadband internet subscribers was 11.5 million, while the number of mobile broadband internet users vie 3G network is nearly 47.2 million. The internet market in Vietnam is forecasted to grow at an annual rate of 9% year-over-year due to the strong growth of applications, e-commerca and internet TV.

As a company with a strong background in IT infrastructure and a scope that’s changing from working merely paid by the hour to providing more finetunes solutions and services, these numbers are extremely interesting. Our partner in Vietnam, Ms. Hai Nguyen has become a close friend to the family over a period of multiple years. Her talents include painting artworks and graphical work. One of the big challenges to entering the Vietnamese market is to understand the Vietnamese language. Many people speak English in Vietnam but equally many times it has proven to be challenging to communicate in English. Ms. Nguyen forms our bridge in this aspect while we learn to speak Vietnamese ourselves.

Short Term

In the short term 3DN will be setting up 3DN’s corporate website running on two servers but completely transparent to our users. The goal of this is to overcome the speed issues Vietnam is still having on its international links. We will report frequently on the progress of this, one article that’s related to this business development is DNS Views. This article is, obviously about DNS views which have the intention of tricking the local DNS server into providing different IP addresses to Vietnamese networks vs. other internet networks. We plan to incorporate the user interface for these views in our first own product called systool.

Long Term

In the longer term we intend to employ Vietnamese people. During our countless visits to the country we have made many new contacts. We recommend that if you’re Vietnamese and interested in the developments that you sign up to our 3DN Vietnam newsletter. It should be visible in the top right section. The 3DN Vietnam newsletter will have many diverse subjects of special interest to both Dutch and Vietnamese people. We therefore request the language on the mailinglist to be English.

The plans include:

  • Offering hosting space for websites.
  • Offering services provided by our own 3DN software.
  • Providing education and training, both online and offline


Vietnam is a beautiful country that’s changing rapidly to become a powerful player in the IT sector. Its people are energetic and willing to work hard. 3DN will leverage this and slowly move its activities over from the Netherlands to Vietnam as the business climate is much more friendly in Vietnam towards entrepreneurs.

The country still has many challenges to overcome but we are ready to jump in. Through our mailinglist we plan to provide interested entrepreneurs with early-bird newsflashes, so please don’t hesitate to sign up now! You can do that below if you’re on a mobile device (the right column which normally contains the signup form does not show on all mobile devices.

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