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Weekly Update 1

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So in the initial blog post I already announced that I would post a weekly update on the progress of changes in 3DN. I have not really stuck to that habit yet as we are crazy busy but finally here’s the first update.

So the first real update is that we have decided that Hai will discontinue learning programming and refocus more on her painting. Hai has learned enough about programming at this point to be familiar with it and pick up some small tasks here and there. However, she’s much better at painting and one of our goals has always been to make her digital skills and painting skills overlap so we can make a really good site for her paintings to be resold. Hai is now working to get the art site up and running but she first did a lot of work on the 3DN WordPress site. We have also begun to contact galleries in the Netherlands. At some point in the future we would really love building up a network of galleries and connect them with other painters as well, so this is a very exciting opportunity.

We have also deepened our knowledge and use of Trac. You can visit that site if you wish but if you’re not a 3DN client you will not see much there as logging in is required to see the contents. In any case, Trac is a ticketing/Wiki/version control tool. We are building up expertise on how to deal with clients as well as we can, set up processes to do business acquisition, write functional designs for those clients.

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