Privacy Policy

At May 25th, 2018, the new EU laws regarding privacy will come into effect. One of the most important requirements to fulfill the demands of these laws is that a company’s privacy policy is comprehensible for everybody reading it. We have searched for ‘simple examples’ and to be quite honest we have not been able to find simple examples so we will write one ourselves.

Your data

Your IP address is personally identifiable data according to the EU Court. We store it in the webserver logfiles. If you don’t want your IP address logged in the future, please don’t come back to this site. Since you’re reading this your IP address had already been logged in our logfiles. If you would like your IP address to be purged from our logfiles, please let us know through filling in this form.

You sign up

If you sign up for 3DN newsletters or any of our services you give us permission to store and use the information you give us for as long as you decide to remain a member of this site. Your data remains yours and we will only use it for your benefit in order to make the site and services usable. We don’t share with any parties, not now and not in the future. If you choose to no longer use the site or services you can sign out and any data we have about you will be destroyed.