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3DN is a small IT company with big ideas. For nearly 15 years 3DN has been active as a one-man freelance company selling its IT expertise to whomever wants to pay-by-the-hour. As a consequence this website has not been given a lot of love over the past 15 years.

3DN is growing. We have recently started up a daughter company in Vietnam. We believe Vietnam has an excellent business climate with many young energetic people willing to learn and work to change their lives. This is good for 3DN business and good for the people earning an income with it.


3DN is hiring. We currently employ three people. Two of us are fulltime, one is parttime. We have an office and servers in Vietnam and the Netherlands and plan to travel frequently to learn more from each other’s country. We hate to say ‘please bookmark this website’ or ‘please come back often to check what’s new’ but when you do that, we can promise you that we will post exciting new updates at least weekly. These updates will be posted on our Blog so that may be the best page to visit. You may also sign up for any of our mailinglists if you want to keep in touch and always hear the latest. We have opened up our local Dutch ‘ZZP to ZZP‘ site where Dutch ZZP’ers can register soon. With this we plan to become a portal to Dutch freelancers who find it difficult to meet the Dutch Tax Department’s demands. We’re currently running a Google Adwords campaign to get our line of business slightly more visible but at this point in time this is only accessible to Dutch people.

After we get our search ranking on this subject up a bit with AdWords, we will begin publishing more about this site and develop it.


3DN is also taking a bit of an unusual dive into a subject that was formerly unknown to us, the Art world. Our creative director Ms. Hai Nguyen is a skilled artist. Unfortunately it would seem that Art

is not so highly appreciated in Vietnam as it is in the Western world. This means unfortunately that it’s very difficult for Vietnamese artists to get their work sold for an appreciable price.

For Ms. Nguyen 3DN is making some efforts to build her very own website. In cooperation with Ms. Nguyen we’re also working on launching our own interactive Art Portal where all artists can easily sign up. Ms Nguyen will be the first to expose and sell her work through our site but hopefully many more artists will join. We plan to make Knipoogje Kunst a portal where people can choose from an enormous collection of samples of paintings or upload their own photographs, after which the buyer can specify how much artistic freedom she wishes to give the artist.

You can see one example of the paintings Ms Nguyen made which has a great creative freedom to it. No artist truly likes copying the work of others literally but many appreciate giving their own artistic views on those works.

Our Site

From the above you can see we are doing many things at once. We believe in the mantra Content is King. We try extremely hard to fill our site with contents and to do this in three separate languages, Dutch, English and Vietnamese. However, our current focus is still mostly on the Dutch market so the posts and pages written in Dutch will be more plentiful. We apologize in advance for our site looking very different still when you choose another language in the language selector. This will change over time.


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