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3DN is a small IT company with big ideas. For nearly 15 years 3DN has been active as a one-man freelance company selling its IT expertise to whomever wants to pay-by-the-hour. As a consequence this website has not been given a lot of love over the past 15 years.

Our Site

From the above you can see we are doing many things at once. We believe in the mantra Content is King. We try extremely hard to fill our site with contents and to do this in three separate languages, Dutch, English and Vietnamese. However, our current focus is still mostly on the Dutch market so the posts and pages written in Dutch will be more plentiful. We apologize in advance for our site looking very different still when you choose another language in the language selector. This will change over time.


Migrating from Subversion and Trac to Gitlab


3DN has been using Trac and Subversion for a very long time. We’ve built up considerable expertise. However, with Devops and CI/CD pipelines pushing through on the Cloud immensely, we felt it was... Read More

Bless Galera


As an avid opensource entrepreneur I’ve been using MySQL, later MariaDB, for many years now. For scalability I’ve frequently used replication, having one master for updates and inserts, having one or more slaves... Read More

3DN to provide financial services


As the PSD2 (Revised Payment Service Directive) becomes implemented, banks’ monopoly on their customer’s account information and payment services is about to disappear. 3DN plans to enter the financial market.… <a class="kt-excerpt-readmore" href="https://3dn.nl/en/2018/11/05/3dn-to-provide-financial-services/" aria-label="3DN to... Read More

Privacy Leak at Google


What is Privacy Privacy is the state of not being observed or disturbed by other people. As we have reported on earlier, as a small company we have an enormous dependency on Google... Read More

Security: Fail2Ban


Security: Fail2Ban As System Administrator, you are familiar with security. You have servers that provide internet services to the public. You make a daily check on the logfiles when the busyness of your... Read More