Let’s face it, small companies cannot compete any longer with large datacenters where hosting is concerned. Or can we? Well, we believe we can still compete. We are currently working on a setup where we utilize a bit of a unique situation that exists in Vietnam. Vietnam has a few good hosting companies already like A2 for example. The international internet connections are still relatively slow. The national network is already quite fast and affordable to many Vietnamese.

Since we have a POP in Vietnam we are currently setting up an environment where one site is spread over two countries and hits on the website from Vietnam go to the POP in Vietnam, while hits on the website from the rest of the world go to our POP in the Netherlands. Recently we’ve set out our ideas in an article on DNS Views. Through these DNS views it will become possible and easy to route traffic very selectively. We believe we can make this service competitive with other hosting companies, so if you like to learn more bookmark this post or sign up for the 3DN newsletter.