3DN Documentation


Most techies know it. The documentation Hell. In todays tightly controlled and important IT environments, employers and managers insist on good, well-reviewed documentation where most techies are not necessarily the best documentation authors. In 3DN’s experience creating this good, well-reviewed documentation is often a hotbed of delays. It’s also one area of expertise where each company appears to have its own, often complex and convoluted ‘process’ in place.

As 3DN we would like to help make a difference in the documentation area and develop a clear, concise and fast process.


Most companies try to develop their own house-style of documentation and instruct employees to use that house style exclusively. The house-style is frequently developped by an employee with relatively little IT experience using typical office software. This tends to be where problems start; technical documentation does not frequently want to be ‘captured’ in typical office applications. IT landscapes tend to change very quickly and very frequently and as such is highly dynamic while typical office documents are much more static in nature.